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Avant Gaudy offers vintage clothing for the modern guy and girl. We help our customers develop their own style by sourcing quality and authentic vintage clothing that reflect the looks that dominate the high-fashion runways.

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Avant Gaudy: Experimental Fashion for the New Garde

In an ever-changing era, vintage clothing is more relevant – and prevalent – than ever. For online boutique Avant Gaudy, the challenge lies in finding pieces that are simultaneously timely and timeless. The result is Avant Gaudy’s own brand of “experimental vintage” clothing: pieces that represent the best of unconventional fashion.

The clothing and accessories that Avant Gaudy sources range from designer dresses to leather jackets. To Umunnabuike, vintage clothing is often characterized by scarcity. Difficult to find outside the South and the Midwest, vintage represents a tenuous link to the past. Avant Gaudy focuses on quality and affordability in order to ensure universal accessibility. Not surprisingly, international buyers are eager to acquire American vintage. Over the past four years, 29.5% of Avant Gaudy’s customers ordered from as far away as Singapore and Australia.

Typical outfits include bolero jackets and jumpsuits, sequined vests and ribbed tanks, and a token New Kids on the Block sweater. Through unique pairings, the site shows customers how to integrate vintage looks into their existing wardrobe. The focus remains on providing customers with innovative, inspirational items that are as unique as the purchaser.


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