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Midtown Style

August 14, 2009

After spending the day in the Bronx, I decided I wanted to spend a couple hours roaming around Midtown. I love the fact that in Midtown, no one slows down for anything. It’s also a great place to spot fashion trendsetters.
Many women wore high-waisted  pants and skirts—a trend I’ve seen both Chloé and Stella McCartney  incorporate into their runway shows.

Mustard Seed, $48

I also saw a lot of dresses and tops that emphasized women’s shoulders. That doesn’t mean you should dig out old jackets with shoulder pads stuffed inside them. Instead, women are giving the old trend a revamp by wearing puff sleeves and jackets with sharp angles at the shoulders.


Snow White, $68

Light, summery scarves, long strands of pearls, and belts worn high on the waist are still the go-to accessories in Midtown. I couldn’t walk a block without seeing one of the three. Even finding people wearing all three wasn’t hard to spot.
Lastly, and one of my favorite trends,  are men dressing especially classy. I’d like to partially attribute this popular trend to the television series Mad Men. The men in that show are so well dressed! Well, actually, all of the characters are well dressed. (If you aren’t watching it already and you love classic/vintage style, you must watch this show. Oh, yeah, and the acting is good too.) Anyway, I saw so many men dressed in sharp suits, but just like women’s fashion, men were sneaking in pops of color without being outrageous. Subtle pinks, purples and vibrant greens acted accent colors in ties or pocket squares.

Those are the latest trends I’ve spotted off the streets of Midtown. Next time, the Village—my favorite neighborhood in New York.


Vintage Vegan

August 14, 2009

Hey guys! My name is Mary. I recently graduated from Northwestern University, and although the school isn’t known at all for any kind of fashion studies, I tried to do the best I could at taking classes related to fashion and style. I have a deep love for fashion, but the industry often collides with some of my values. I’ve been a dietary vegan for over two years now, and over the past couple of months, I’ve been transitioning to a much more vegan lifestyle overall. This means no more leather, no more wool, no more silk.

Mary's picWell, I’m not into that frumpy, granola look that is usually associated with vegans. Many other vegans are not either, and believe it or not, there is a place in fashion for vegans. As the population of vegans grows, so does the demand for stylish vegan clothing. Stella McCartney is probably the leader in vegan fashion, and there are other celebrities, like Natalie Portman, who have also put out cool vegan lines.

But there is another way to dress vegan without having to be sure of the materials used to make a garment. You guessed it: vintage fashion. While there is some debate among vegans about used clothing made from animal products, I think it’s okay because you’re supporting an industry that doesn’t ask for new clothing to be made, including clothes made from animal products. Vintage fashion is also great because it’s eco-friendly, a value that is important to many vegans, including myself.

For these reasons, I am getting more and more into vintage fashion, and I am very excited to start writing for Avant Gaudy!

“Quite Fierce”

August 4, 2009

via Kitmeout

Stella McCartney’s new ad campaign is certainly whimsical. The blogosphere seems a little baffled by it right now. My first reaction was favorable – it’s adorable, it’s quasi-environmental, and it’s Disney, after all.



When putting this post together, I realized that I really hadn’t, well, looked at the clothes. It’s a topic often debated in advertising classes – is an ad truly good if you can’t remember the product? Upon further examination, I saw that Stella McCartney’s idea made sense:

I’m a huge Bambi fan, and the film reminds me of my mum… And we wanted to have some fun. The clothes in the campaign are looking quite fierce, and we wanted to contrast them with the innocence of Bambi.

Unfortunately, I’m getting “fun” and “innocent” more than fierce from this campaign. I think the colors for the cartoon characters are too bright, the model’s outfit too muted.

What do you think about this campaign, and should anything have been done differently?