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Nika le butik is tres chic

July 21, 2009

Nika le butikFor suburban girls, a common complaint is lack of places to find unique and fashionable clothes that do not come from the mall. Most girls who do not live in downtown Chicago feel they have to go too far to find the clothes that they want and need to keep from looking like every other girl in their town. Nika le Butik offers those girls hope. This charming boutique is located in Park Ridge, a suburb of Chicago and offers suburban girls downtown worthy styles, in an easier to reach location. I visited the boutique to get a better look, and was very happy with what I saw. The boutique offers very friendly service, trendy clothing, a nice interior, and celebrity inspired fashion garments. All of the clothes are hand-picked for retail and are inspired by current trends worn by celebrities. The store offers an intimate and classy shopping experience that is easily accessible.

Nika le butik

I sat down with Nika le Butik owner Monika Crossin, to get some more information on the history behind her boutique, and the garments inside.


Is there any significance to the name of your boutique?

“Growing up I was called ‘Nika’ by all my family and friends. It is short for Monika.”

 Why did you pick Park Ridge as your location?

“I wanted an area that was up and coming, something close to downtown. I contemplated having the boutique downtown, but it was and is so saturated with stores already. I wanted to bring the unique vibe of a downtown boutique to the suburbs.”

 What demographic is your boutique targeted towards?

“[It is for] anyone who is totally trendy and loves to shop. I like to make everyone feel like they are shopping in their girlfriends’ store. But most my clients are 20-40 [years old].”

 What is the predominant style? Is there just one or many different styles?

“Style and fashion is continually evolving at Nika to keep up with the times. Jeans are always a for sure. I used to have plenty of dresses, more formal, but now I moved away from that. I have to ALWAYS keep things fresh, that means new styles, designers and up to the minute trends. For instance, this fall I have insane blazers galore arriving. They play well with skirts, denim, dresses, pretty much everything. Eventually, I will be bored with them, and then the next new obsession will make its way thru the doors at Nika. Having our online store also gives us a better opportunity to experiment, since we have a larger demographic.”

Nika le butik

 What makes your boutique special or what makes it standout from others in Chicago and its’ surrounding suburbs?

“We are so personable here at the store and try our best to go above and beyond in the shopping/selling experience. I want everyone happy, because that makes me happy. To have someone go out in their Nika outfit and get compliments, that is the best. I love hearing the stories from my clients. A lot of them are now personal friends.”

 What is your favorite garment/piece/outfit/accessory that you are selling at the moment?

“80’s rock and roll tees by Chaser. I love the nod to the 80’s right now, and really, any age can wear them and appreciate this rock and roll resurgence. I am really dying to get my new JBrand skinny acid wash jeans in too!”

 What got you started in this business?

“Fashion and clothing always made me feel so good, especially growing up and experimenting with various looks. I was always asked where I got things thru my entire life… It was just a ‘pastime’ that eventually turned into a passion. I eventually began a career in retail management, did buying for boutiques and learned the industry from the bottom up. Eventually I was like, ‘I can do this myself.'”

 What makes your garments different or unique?

“Everything is bought with love from Nika – everything in the store has a purpose and a reason. It is well thought out and trend right. I always am on the hunt for designers that are new and fresh, which means the body styles, cuts, prints are always the freshest out on the street. We take risks.”

Nika le butik

Have no fear suburban girls, you can still find the clothes you want without the long trip downtown, or without looking like a mall clone.

Nika le Butik is located at
143 N. Northwest Highway
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Store Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10:00am-6:00pm
Thursday: 10:00am-7:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am-5:00pm
Random Sunday’s: 12:00pm-5:00pm