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Button Bracelets

August 19, 2009

I’m super-thrifty and annoyingly finicky when it comes to accessories. I always wear one of two rings – either a delicate vintage engagement ring I inherited from my grandmother or a chunkier ring I scored at an art fair – and one of two charm necklaces featuring some beloved found objects, like a Canadian penny, dramatic diary keys, and a little gold wishbone. I refuse to buy accessories for specific outfits or occasions – I just want simple, chic pieces that I can pair with any of my ensembles. The most versatile of all of my jewelry is a button bracelet I made using antique buttons I picked up at a craft fair. After I lugged my bag of buttons home, I called some girlfriends over and we made bracelets in various color schemes, from ethereal white and yellow to nautical blue. Because I used mostly-neutral colors, my whimsical bracelets have become some of my daily wardrobe staples.  


button bracelets

To make a button bracelet, all you need are buttons and some thin, clear elastic (available at craft stores). Since the elastic has the tendency to slip out of knots, anchor it by looping it repeatedly through the button-holes of the first button you use. When you’re finished, loop the remaining elastic through the same button to create a continuous chain. If you’re not a DIY diva, check out some pretty, professionally-made pieces by artist Liz Landers.

Liz Landers jewelry


Playful Jewelry with a Dark Twist

July 8, 2009

Jewelry designer and creative director for The Docent, Cora Thomas has taken eclectic jewelry to a whole new level. Although her line is fairly new, her designs seem to have success written all over them. To create them, Thomas often searches for vintage chains and other small details she can add to her designs later on. Her jewelry takes me back to my childhood—going to camp, making new friends, playing games. I’m taken back to a time where things were simpler. The twist? Her designs, while playful and fun, each have their own hint of darkness mixed in. Don’t believe me? Take a look at one of her designs called the Safety Bracelet.

Safety Bracelet

I love this bracelet for its simplicity and the dark wit behind it. Most of all, I love the fact that her designs are completely unique. I truly believe there is nothing else out there quite like this. Her jewelry is designed so you could wear it on any occasion, whether it’s going out on the town or pairing it with jeans and a t-shirt.

Jack Rings

Pick Up Sticks Necklace

It’s your inner-child embodied in jewelry.