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Boho Beauty

July 30, 2009

Lately I’ve found myself to be drawn to a bohemian style of clothing.  Lots of magazines feature pictures with celebrities who carry this “boho-chic” look.  Those glossy pages consist of pictures of the Olsen Twins and their colorful outfits and large bags holding their Starbucks in one hand.  Well, here’s the boho look from my eye.

“Boho” comes from the word bohemianism, which, according to the dictionary is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits, with few permanent ties.  When I think of bohemian I think of the Renaissance Era- a very literary and artistic time yet full of freedom and expression.

The look is actually modeled off of style in the 1960s involving long skirts, big glasses, and one eye popping colorful piece to complete it all.  I love this look for several reasons: 

  1. It’s easy and cheap!  Go to local thrift stores, grab a big yellow bag, pay $10 and pretend you found it in London or somewhere glamorous like that. 
  2. It doesn’t look “prepared.”  How many people have seen someone completely overdressed?  By overdressed I don’t mean wearing an overcoat in the middle of the Sahara Desert, but I mean overdressed to the point where either nothing fits or it’s simply too polished for a nice daytimelook.  By achieving the boho look, you simply feel and look as if you rolled out of bed, threw something on really quick, and just happen to look awesome.
  3. You can accessorize!  Boho style leaves a lot of room for accessories.  Dangling earrings, golden belts, pink sunglasses, you name it.  Add these to any outfit, and your outfit gets a few more golden stars. 


A lot of celebrities are turning to the boho look because it’s unique.  Everyone can share the same preppy style by wearing a polo, but with bohemian style, no one has the same vintage shirt because it’s just unique to the person.  It gives you an identity as to who you are.  Maybe you choose one thing to wear all the time, like a bohemian looking bracelet.  That alone adds a whole new character to make that outfit work. 

No matter the season, the bohemian look is always in style.  For the rest of the summer, get a colorful skirt, or try a long flowing top and pair it with skinny jeans.  This fall try going for the boots (No, I’m not talking about UGG boots and I’m not dissing them either- I do love them when it’s really cold).   Instead, I’m suggesting that you define your style and get a super-chic pair of boots like Nichole Richie has.  Wear it with dark jeans and you’ll look boho-fab. 

Style is all about expression and experimenting, so try something new or spice up the old, and rock that bohemian style like they did back then.  Let’s show those folks in the Renaissance we haven’t forgotten their inspiration- we’re just adding the rest of the flavor.


Meet the “Gaudy” Girls: Anika

July 11, 2009

AnikaGet to know Anika, the Avant Gaudy summer Buyer.

Personal aspirations/hopes:
For someone to answer the question: “Remember Anika?” with “Is she the one with great style?”

Professional goals:
Become a buyer.

Things you love?
Laughing, shopping, dancing and Andes mints.


Favorite Designer?
Ah! Do I have to choose?! I will have to go with Marc Jacobs, he never disappoints.

Favorite clothing item/accessory that you own?
My brown leather jacket from Zara! I cannot wait for the weather to get a little cooler so I can throw it on over EVERYTHING.

How would you describe your personal style?
Feminine with a hint of grunge.

One thing you’ll never wear?
A thong. They are a curse to women.

Style icon?
Ashley Olsen.

Style Icon: Ashley Olsen

Obsessed with/can’t live without?
My computer.

Your perfect day?
Everyone oversleeps on Black Friday except for me.

Guilty pleasure?
Any reality show on VH1. SO trashy.

What web site do you have to check everyday?
My Gmail. It is my only form of communication.

What is your favorite item from Avant Gaudy?
The watercolor dress.  I was at the photoshoot for this piece and when the model was wearing it, it looked absolutely stunning! I love it! 

AG Watercolor Dress, $48