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John Hughes and Brat Pack Style

August 7, 2009

As Chicagoans and as lovers of all things 80s, we’re especially saddened by the news of John Hughes’ death.

Even though I was in high school twenty years after the Brat Pack movies were filmed, they really do capture what it’s like to grow up in the suburbs. Everyone I know wanted to recreate Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on senior ditch day (for the record, we did cruise down Lake Shore Drive a la Bueller, but it was in a Mercury Sable).

And where is the French restaurant in the movie located? If anyone knows, leave a comment.

While fashion technically took a backseat to teenage drama in the movies, today all of the clothing stands out just because it’s so quintesentially 80s. Let Avant Gaudy give you an Claire Standish-style makeover as we recreate classic Brat Pack looks. Click the items to check them out at our online boutique.

Or not.

(more…) Fall 2009 Trend Report

July 31, 2009 just released their trend report for Fall 2009, listing fall’s most important trends: 

  • biker brigade
  • boudoir crossing
  • forties and fabulous
  • party like it’s 1983
  • ruche hour
  • smart investments

biker brigadeboudoir crossing

forties and fabulousparty like it's 1983

ruche hoursmart investments

Check out what AG writer Sarah S. had to say last week about the new biker trend and 80s trend for fall.

What do you think of these trends?  Will you be wearing them this fall?  Which trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section!

Pauric Sweeney’s Special Edition 16

June 26, 2009

Pauric Sweeney’s new line of handbags, the Special Edition 16 collection, caught my attention because their bright, neon color palette and geometric designs bring recall the somewhat chaotic style of the 80’s but do so in a subdued manner.

“The colors came out of my subconscious,” says Sweeney, “I am a child of the ’80s, after all.” Sweeney, who began making graphic clutches and purses in 2005, sees his “handbags as compositions as well as objects.” The Special Edition 16 collection is inspired by the avant-garde sound of composer and electronic music pioneer John Cage.

The collection features handbags composed of a mix of exotic skins (such as such as crocodile, alligator, stingray, and calfskin) cut into geometric shapes and set on backgrounds of dazzling neon colors. Featured below is one bubble-gum pink shoulder bag from the collection.

New Designer - Pauric Sweeney (Elle)