Immersed Within on Fedoras



One of the great triumphs of last summer my life was when I convinced my boyfriend to purchase a vintage-esque fedora at Target. While I do like the look of menswear on women, it’s not something I wear too often. Carly of Immersed Within shows us how.


lace dress-vintage

tutu- H&M

bra- victorias secret

necklace- vintage

peeptoe shoes- charles david

jean jacket- abercrombie

boots- JC boots

belt- UO

fedora2grey fedora- pink zone ( in san diego)
black lace top- victorias secret
top-forever 21
layered necklaces-forever 21
shoes-kelsi dagger


sunglasses- vintage

chambre top- forever 21
white denim shorts- Car Mar (LF stores)

watch- silver MK

Check out Immersed Within for more offbeat fashion industry news and how-to posts.

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One Response to “Immersed Within on Fedoras”

  1. Miko Says:

    Absolutely in love with tutus. Might just pick one up at Hot Topic. I hoenstly only like the first look, wish you’d have gotten more of a close up. The outfit looks great at a distance but I like taking a second look at all the detailing.

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