Vintage Vegan


Hey guys! My name is Mary. I recently graduated from Northwestern University, and although the school isn’t known at all for any kind of fashion studies, I tried to do the best I could at taking classes related to fashion and style. I have a deep love for fashion, but the industry often collides with some of my values. I’ve been a dietary vegan for over two years now, and over the past couple of months, I’ve been transitioning to a much more vegan lifestyle overall. This means no more leather, no more wool, no more silk.

Mary's picWell, I’m not into that frumpy, granola look that is usually associated with vegans. Many other vegans are not either, and believe it or not, there is a place in fashion for vegans. As the population of vegans grows, so does the demand for stylish vegan clothing. Stella McCartney is probably the leader in vegan fashion, and there are other celebrities, like Natalie Portman, who have also put out cool vegan lines.

But there is another way to dress vegan without having to be sure of the materials used to make a garment. You guessed it: vintage fashion. While there is some debate among vegans about used clothing made from animal products, I think it’s okay because you’re supporting an industry that doesn’t ask for new clothing to be made, including clothes made from animal products. Vintage fashion is also great because it’s eco-friendly, a value that is important to many vegans, including myself.

For these reasons, I am getting more and more into vintage fashion, and I am very excited to start writing for Avant Gaudy!

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One Response to “Vintage Vegan”

  1. miko Says:

    Hurrah for vegan style. I saw the most amazing pair of shoes awhile ago made from old tires that I fell completly in love with. Vintage fashion is wonderfully friendly to the earth and the animals. 🙂

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