“Cats and meaningless fluff”: A Fluffy Blog


A Fluffy Blog is (naturally) one of the most whimsical blogs we’ve reviewed. Eline Marie Renee is the nom de plume of a 20 year old student running her own blog, Etsy shop, and online gallery. Despite the blog’s name, her vintage style and Etsy store, however, can only be described as “hardcore.”




Eline recently highlighted Avant Gaudy on A Fluffy Blog. Below, she sums up Avant Gaudy. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves:

I feel as if I’m coming into this small shop tucked into an unknown corner of some hip town where you’d find either a hip young sales girl with a sweet sense of humour or the most awesome 50-year old with thousands of necklaces and a laugh that booms right through your body. In short, their store seems very personal and lovely to me.

The same could be said about her Etsy store. Everything is chic and unique, just like A Fluffy Blog.

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One Response to ““Cats and meaningless fluff”: A Fluffy Blog”

  1. miko Says:

    Super sweet, super cute. Glad she hilited the shoes, she’s right, good vintage shoes are so hard to find in a lot of sizes.

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