Check Her Out: Saved for Best


AliceThere are dozens, if not hundreds of  popular personal style blogs online right now, with constant updates from “hipsters” talking about and showing off their favorite designer clothes and vintage finds.  Well, here’s another one to add to the list that’s different that we think you should take a look at.  UK blogger Alice just recently started her own style blog, Saved for Best, featuring daily photos of her unique outfits and a recent review of Avant Gaudy! Each day, Alice gives her readers a glimpse at her outfit for the day and a little story behind it.  Most of her favorite pieces are unique vintage finds, and she even reconstructs some of her own clothing.

Here’s how Alice describes her own unique style:

The problem, if you could ever call it that, is that my eyes are always drawn to a pattern, a colour, a cut, a cloth and sometimes clothes that are just downright funny-looking. I’m a spontaneous shopper; I take no pleasure in searching for the ‘perfect’ anything. I want glitter and glamour, flowers and frills, lace and luxury and I want it now. Hence a wardrobe heaving with sequins, netting, vintage dresses, giddy patterns, scarves, bags and shoes of all styles, yet nothing that makes any kind of concession to practicality or befits a specific occasion – unless that occasion calls for fancy dress.

Here’s a quick look at some of our favorite outfits from this month so far. 

Alice, August 3

Alice, August 9

Alice, August 11

Be sure to check out Saved for Best  for Alice’s daily style posts.

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