Erlinda Denise


We are extremely fortunate to have stylist Erlinda Denise featuring a few Avant Gaudy clothing items! Raised in a creative environment in Toledo, Ohio, Denise had her eye on what she wanted and knew how to get it. With her 1950s/1960s inspired look, she has kept her clothing smart, daring, and ultra chic.


In this photo, we see a very 1960s inspired look, from the bold metallic blue to the high waisted belt. I love this look because it has a sort of a 007-travel-the-world kind of edge to it. It’s as if you’re ready to pack your bags and embark on the adventure of your life. Mysterious and confident, this graphic piece is hip for a night of being swept off your feet.


This next photo revolves around the 1950s look with the big blue bow in the ad. Plus, doesn’t the purple skirt remind you of those big poodle skirts they used to wear back then? With the sexy corset up top, the poodle-inspired skirt sets this very feminine and soft look. To top it, we see white Chanel inspired gloves, and socks under sandals to create a look of innocence and flattery. You can’t go wrong with this amazing, eye-popping skirt.


This last photo has a soft, muted tone to it with a relaxing and familiar vibe. What makes this outfit great is the contrast between soft and bold. When you first look at this picture, you’ll notice the high waisted “hot pants” standing out at you- that shiny satin is not to be ignored! Just look how the purple fades in with the blue of the sweater, which fades in with the ankle socks and the rest of the background. It’s artwork in the fact that it is a genius combination of innocent yet daring.

After studying Denise’s clothing, one theme popped into my mind: the fight for innocence in such a dangerous world. We’re all struggling to find that balance between our inner and outer worlds, and with Denise’s clothing you can get a little of both. With its light, frilled theme, Erlinda Denise creates a fresh image in a woman’s eye on how to stand out with just the perfect amount of attention she’s been craving for.

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One Response to “Erlinda Denise”

  1. Angela Says:

    Love Erlinda. She’s got amazing fashion vision.

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