Miss Likey on Scarves


Miss Likey‘s motto is “where Edgy meets Couture and Street meets Catwalk.” Needless to say, her fashion philosophy aligns pretty closesly with Avant Gaudy’s.

One of her most recent posts focused on scarves. Because they’re an oft-ignored fashion accessory, I’ve included her thoughts on what a scarf can do for an outfit and how to wear it.


In some cultures symbolizes sanctity, character, modesty and religious attire. Fashionistas consider it as luxury and keep it in jewelery box. Lot of people wouldn’t borrow it to their best friend because there is story that is keeper of your personality and scent.
Even the simple outfit can be improved with neatly picked scarf. Since we lately love lot of long scarves, leopard print, McQueen’s skulls, Etro’s royalty bohemian rhapsody, seems that we forgot about Riviera chic; small silk scarf.
The distinction of the silk scarf is really in its size, so classic Hermès measures 90cm and weighs only 65 grams. Geometry on the side, small silk scarf really turns out that luxurious effect to make mystique diva of the girl. Since Hermès carré is nobility among the scarves, some believe that girl didn’t make in her life as long as she doesn’t own her own carre; picked in Hermes Paris. So you can touch it and feel it or smell it just like Vogue’s paper. Some are paraphrasing same story about Pucci cognizable prints on small piece of fabric.
What is common to scarves of Hermès, Pucci, Lacroix, Versace, Casol or Ferragamo is their uniqueness. Whether the story on the fabric or memories and moments you will create wearing the same fabric.
Some people frame their Hermes scarf like fait du art or sleep on it instead of pillow .I believe in more creative ways. Tres chic as headband, belt or enveloped around straps of your top or like a bow on the back, isn’t it?

Scarves are so verstatile that it’s sometimes difficult to figure out just how to wear them. Now that you’ve been inspired, check out Avant Gaudy’s selection of vintage scarves. Be sure to check out Miss Likey’s blog for continued inspiration on turning old into new.


One Response to “Miss Likey on Scarves”

  1. Miko Says:

    My favourite has long been using scarves as belts. 🙂

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