John Hughes and Brat Pack Style


As Chicagoans and as lovers of all things 80s, we’re especially saddened by the news of John Hughes’ death.

Even though I was in high school twenty years after the Brat Pack movies were filmed, they really do capture what it’s like to grow up in the suburbs. Everyone I know wanted to recreate Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on senior ditch day (for the record, we did cruise down Lake Shore Drive a la Bueller, but it was in a Mercury Sable).

And where is the French restaurant in the movie located? If anyone knows, leave a comment.

While fashion technically took a backseat to teenage drama in the movies, today all of the clothing stands out just because it’s so quintesentially 80s. Let Avant Gaudy give you an Claire Standish-style makeover as we recreate classic Brat Pack looks. Click the items to check them out at our online boutique.

Or not.

Ferris Bueller – “White t-shirt, sweater vest, devastatingly handsome”

Avant Gaudy’s (below) may not be leopard print, but we hope you’ll forgive us.

Be Pretty in Pink in an avant-garde, Andie Walsh style blouse

Channel Wendy (the good little rich girl) or Jules (“It ain’t a party till something gets broken”) from St. Elmo’s Fire

Wendys Look

Wendy's Look

Jules Look

Jules' Look

Did I miss any? Discuss your favorite Brat Pack looks in the comments.

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3 Responses to “John Hughes and Brat Pack Style”

  1. GPEE Says:

    The French restaurant “Chez Quis” is located at 22 West Schillier Street, Chicago

  2. Sarah Says:

    I was born in 1989, but I’m still drawn to these movies. The funny part is I can see influences of late 80s style in the clothes I wore as a kid. A lot of stretch pants and sweatshirts (including one that had a bucket of paint “spilling” neon colors over the shirt. Lovely.)

  3. miko Says:

    As a tail end of rhe 1980’s baby I always feel so sad I missed out on all of this. Feh. The collars alone are to die for.

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