Meet another “Gaudy” Girl: Angela


The Artsighter recently interviewed one of our latest models, Angela, chronicling her struggles and triumphs as an “industry quirky girl.”

The original interview appears here, and is reposted below.

Self-proclaimed “former ugly duckling turned industry quirky girl” Angela McAdrian is a unique beauty – a model and muse who has challenged the fashion industry’s standards.

Born and raised in Chicago, Angela McAdrian, 20, wanted to model ever since she was little.  Like many young girls, she loved to wear make-up and get dressed up.  In 2004, her former boyfriend encouraged her to model, but she received harsh criticism and rejection from many modeling agencies in Chicago.  Agents brutally rejected her, centering on her distinct physical features – her teeth, ears and fair skin.  “I was about to give up,” says Angela, “There were a lot of criticisms.”

It wasn’t until she was offered a chance to shoot with LA based fashion photographer Nicole Anne Robbins in 2006 that doors began to open for her.  “She is the one that put me in the fashion world,” explains Angela, “She took me to a new level.  The criticisms greatly left after I worked with her.  Before, the things that I would get made fun of, I was [now] embraced for.”

“My artist statement is that I want to make so-called flaws be perceived as beautiful and sexy because I think that society has a warped perception of what is beautiful,” mentions Angela, “I believe the world to be a horrible, ugly place and beauty is my escape.  Lights of hope and hints of beauty make life worth living.”

Splitting her time between Los Angeles and Chicago, Angela has worked with top fashion photographers, designers, stylists and hair and make-up artists.  Modeling on over 70 photo shoots, her fashion campaigns have included Abigail Glaum-Lathbury, Avant Gaudy, Chi-Chi and the Greek, Genevieve Clifford, T.Saints and Verse Boutique, among others.  She says, “I am inspired by the artist I work with.”  She loves the fact that nothing is routine.

Reflecting on her experiences prior to modeling, Angela noted the irony of the compliments that she received.  She says, “It’s so weird.  Before it was, ‘Oh, we love your eyes!’  Now, It’s so different.  My mouth, everyone loves my mouth.  It’s my number one thing.”

“I believe that beauty is subjective.”

Angela McAdrian may be a “fresh face” but after her difficult start in modeling, her thoughts on flaws and beauty are what make her so refreshing.  She wants people to know, “I’m not perfect.  I make a lot of mistakes but I’m always genuine.”  What’s next for the industry quirky girl?  “I still haven’t found a Chicago agency.  I think it’s more fitting for me to do freelance.  I like fashion and I like art.  I like writing.  I would love to write for a magazine […] I want to write novels.”  I believe that anything is possible for the one of a kind beauty.

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One Response to “Meet another “Gaudy” Girl: Angela”

  1. miko Says:

    Well, she’s gorgeous. Love the balloon pictures so much.

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