If Angela Martin Wore Vintage


I admit I’m a little bit late on talking about the Emmy nominations, as they were announced over two weeks ago, but hey, we’ve been busy with the new website here at Avant Gaudy! I’m happy I finally have some time to say congratulations to my favorite show on the air right now—The Office—for 10 Emmy nominations!

I only started watching The Office after it had finished its fourth season. I saw a few episodes and became hooked! Now, I’m such a big fan of that show that my cell phone rings the theme song, and I try to incorporate “that’s what she said” jokes as often as possible into my everyday life. So naturally, I would bring my slight obsession into work.

Angela MartinShortly after reading the list of nominations, I was on the Avant Gaudy website checking out newly listed blouses. That’s when I suddenly felt as though I had seen these looks somewhere before…

Angela Kinsey plays the prissy and up-tight head accountant on The Office, Angela Martin. On the show, Angela has a style that most would consider to be conservative and safe. If only she knew that she could still be lady-like, yet fashionable and modern with some of our great vintage pieces!

Angela Collage

One Response to “If Angela Martin Wore Vintage”

  1. Patricia Ann Says:

    I totally agree, the style is definitely her. But I don’t think she’ll ever wear that much color.

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