Rewind: Heat Things Up


I remember one of my favorite things as a kid to mess with were those vomit hued, but incredibly entertaining, color-changing, heat sensitive pencils, bookmarks etc.  I remember my grandma gave me a flat bookmark shaped like a seahorse that changed to cerulean blue when wedged between two moist and sticky palms.  I think I accidentally cracked its tail off eventually, but the magic of its chameleon-like qualities resonated with me in the profoundest of manners and doubtlessly molded me into the fabulous, beautiful and incredibly intelligent person I am today.    


Yes!  Color Changing Pencils!!

Yes! Color Changing Pencils!!

This long-forgotten trend materialized during a noontide rendezvous with some chums.  When my friends informed me that they possessed color-changing, heat sensitive T-SHIRTS during the early ’90s I was floored.  I never had the privilege of having one of these things.  The magic of my shoddy sea-horse bookmark dissolved in a cloud of envy.  “Yeah,” said a friend whilst munching on a PB & J, “When it was hot outside, my armpits would change colors.”   I honestly felt like a part of my childhood was missing. 

Until now, that is. 

I stumbled across the Thermochromatic top from American Apparel.   For 22 clams, one can bask in the joys of color-changing, polychromatic goodness. 

 Thermochromatic Shirt

Unfortunately, this blogger has to resort to psychological testing for extra dough and cannot, at the moment, afford such luxuries.  So if any loyal Gaudy Gal or Guy would be willing to ship me one (In “Hyper Gold Orange”),  just drop me a line….

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