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I’ve heard of the slow food movement, which was formed in reaction to fast food. But slow fashion? According to The Christian Science Monitor:

The Slow Fashion/Slow Clothing movement is a patchwork of the old and the new. It borrows heavily from Slow Food ideas of knowing more about what you buy, finding out who produced it, and using that knowledge to buy quality and to make socially and environmentally responsible choices.

5 in 1 is a “multidisciplinary organization supporting design entrepreneurship.” Based in Brooklyn, the space hold sample sales, trunk shows, one-on-one appointments with clients, and more.

While 5 in 1’s dedication is admirable, it’s reminiscent of what Avant Gaudy’s been doing for years. Plus, operating online allows us to share our collection with everyone. I respect the eco-focus of the slow fashion movement, but its anti-globalization and somewhat elitist undertones are worrisome.

As a result, we want our customers to know that there are real people behind our site (hence “Meet the Gaudy Girls/Guys“). We invite you to get to know us further by emailing us any questions, or give us a call at  (888) 663-2266  with any fashion emergencies. After all, what’s a good fashion find if you don’t have anyone to share it with?

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One Response to “Slow Fashion”

  1. Retail Mnagement Says:

    Thats a nice fashion trend there. The idea of mixing the old and mew Fashion is an incredible idea!

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