Sites We Love


Check out a few of our favorite Web sites this week…

Vintage Shopping Guide

Vintage Shopping Guide allows you to search by city or state to find local vintage stores specializing in vintage clothing and accessories in your area.  The site also has a search option to help you find  “web only” vintage stores.

Vintage Shopping Guide

This Charming Girl

TCG jewelry is delicate, but still makes a statement. Decidedly British in nature, feather charms and cameo brooches have been featured in Sugar and Vogue.

N.E.E.T. Magazine

Despite blogs and Flickr, it’s hard to create the look and feel of a magazine online and bridge the gap between 20th and 21st century. Enter NEET. Essentially a monthly lookbook with interviews and editorials interspersed, it’s more convenient than a fashion magazine and more detailed than a blog.


Bloglovin has been around for two years, but the concept is, well, revolutionary to me, as I used to use Sage for Firefox. It combines the best of Twitter and the best of an RSS feed. Instead of grouping blog posts by site and wasting time with those you’ve already seen before, see all new posts at once. The site really caters to the fashion community, as Fashion Toast and the Sartorialist both have the most followers. Best of all, you can now follow us on Bloglovin by clicking below!



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