Fall/Winter 09 Trends


Via Fashionising
You thought that boho was out? Think again. Fall will favor foho – folk-inspired bohemian looks, including “fringed boots, peasant shirts, and gypsy-inspired chunky gold jewellery.”

You can’t go wrong with the lumberjack look. “Headed up by a plaid-packed collection from D&G (pictured left), country inspired checks, tartans and plaids were prominent on the fall runways for 08/09. While D&Gs plaids were head-to-toe, others have been more subtle, popping up in select pieces. If one thing is certain it’s that colours should be traditional and subdued.”

Deep v-shirts for men have been seen on the runway and on the street for quite some time. Thankfully, the look is migrating beyond American Apparel-esque t-shirts. Daniel P. Dykes rejoices:

You see, you can’t really layer a t-shirt… But a cardigan is another story. You’re almost forced to layer it. Sure, the catwalk models don’t need to…But mere mortals? They’ll be able to wear deep v-neck trend to their heart’s content. All the time wearing it over something. Think of all the children saved. And my eyes.

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