Cameron Silver: Vintage Couture


Cameron Silver knows his vintage. As the owner of Decades, a vintage boutique in Los Angeles, he nearly eat, sleeps and breathes vintage clothing. And, when he’s not, he’s usually thinking about something related to designs from decades past. But, his clients couldn’t be happier because when you think of vintage couture, you think Cameron Silver.

Ever since Decades opened more than 10 years ago, Silver’s clientele has become larger and more fabulous. Today, he’s dressed up some of Hollywood’s biggest stars like Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. While some might consider him a risk-taker, his immaculate eye for style makes the leap from everyday trends to slightly more unusual designs a little easier. For Silver, wearing vintage sends a message to others. “It says, ‘I own my style,’” said Silver.

His unique collection of couture ranges from Gucci from the 1960s to anything Hermes. He travels all around the world to find inspiration. And, in return, his collections have inspired a vintage come-back in recent years. For this, Silver was named one of Time’s “25 Most Influential Names and Faces in Fashion” in 2002.

To collect his original inventory, Silver travels to different thrift stores and attends auctions. Sometimes he is even invited to houses of wealthy women who would like to give him some of their memorable pieces. One notable woman was Catherine Deneuve, who gave Decades items like Hermes luggage. But, he says that when looking for the right pieces for his store, the best vintage looks don’t look vintage at all.

Silver wasn’t always into fashion. In fact, up until a few years before Decades opened, Silver was a cabaret singer. He while at UCLA, he studied Theatre Arts. After performing for a few years, he was introduced to the fashion world and has been hooked ever since.

Since opening Decades, Silver has made appearances on E! Entertainment and the Style Network and has written many fashion articles for and the UK-edition of Harpers Bazaar.

Anyone can tell that Silver is passionate about what he does. He is obsessed with finding clothes that are unique that tell their own stories, oh, and anything Hermes. He favors vintage over hot off the runway because he feels the pieces are on of a kind. When buying clothes based off of current trends, you always run the risk of wearing the same thing as someone else. This explains part of vintage clothing’s charm according to Silver. He also acknowledges today’s eco-friendly, recycling, hybrid-driving youth as a factor that lead to its sudden popularity.

Silver’s Thoughts:

Current Fashion Icon: Michelle Obama

Favorite Personal Items: Anything Hermes, but especially his Hermes traveling bags

Hot Decades Items: 50s, 60s and 70s gowns

The Decades Image: “Sexy, gorgeous and stunning”

Who Stays Timeless: Lanvin, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga


You don’t have to dish out hundreds of dollars for fashionable vintage clothes like the ones at Decades. Avant Gaudy has pieces that are just as memorable as Yves Saint Laurent.

Pierre Cradin Sea Foam Cocktail

Here’s one of my favorite Decades’ pieces. It is a Pierre Cardin Aqua silk dress. I love the lightweight, flowing material—perfect for summer. And, the jeweled halter neckline really makes this dress stand out from the rest. You could have a similar look for much less with this fun summer dress here at Avant Gaudy:

Avant Gaudy Sea Foam Dress

This dress still has that lightweight, flowing look to it—it even has a similar color to the Pierre Cardin one. While it doesn’t have that same jeweled neckline, the neckline on this one makes the dress unique. And, if this doesn’t have enough sparkle for you, add statement making bracelets or earrings.

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