Review: Honeybee Gardens cosmetics


Most people who purchase vintage aren’t just interested in finding a unique look. Buying vintage pieces is a great way to be environmentally conscious without compromising a thing.

Whenever I have a specific piece in mind, I try to buy vintage because of the environment and my sense of style. I must confess, however, that I’m more of an environmentalist in theory than in practice. I do take the train to work, but I drive twenty minutes each way to the station. Most of the organic food I’ve purchased comes in the form of a microwave meal. Nevertheless, I have succeeded in avoiding harsh chemicals during my everyday routine. Thanks to Honeybee Gardens, I don’t have to break the bank when doing so. Here’s a review of three products I use nearly every day:

Joba Colors Eyeliner

JobaColors Eyeliner (4/5 stars)

JobaColors eyeliner lives up to its promise: “won’t drag or pull delicate skin.” It’s easy to apply, and is great for creating a smoky look. Since it’s made with jojoba oil, it tends to smudge more and require more frequent sharpening than commercial eyeliner. I’m disappointed that JobaColors only comes in five shades, but the price and quality are otherwise similar to less environmentally friendly offerings.

stackablePowderColors Stackable Mineral Color (3/5 stars)

The problem with PowderColors is the same problem that plagues all mineral makeup: it’s messy. Other products use cleverly designed packaging to get around this, but PowderColors only comes in small (albeit stackable) containers. Still, the range of colors, from Flirtatious to Wicked, can’t be beat. Sparkle shades tend to look like they were designed for the Hannah Montana crowd, but you can’t go wrong with matte or metallic.


Truly Natural Mascara (5/5 stars)

There’s not much to say about HBG’s mascara – it just works. This is the company’s signature product, and with good reason. Retailing at $9.99, it’s the least expensive natural mascara I’ve found (even with shipping). If it weren’t for the packaging, I wouldn’t know it from a tube of Maybelline. It works best with two coats, lengthens lashes, and only clumps once in a while.

How have you made your beauty/fashion routine more eco-friendly?

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