From our customers: Why I wear vintage


T-shirt 1984

Submitted by an anonymous Avant Gaudy customer.

“When I put on vintage clothes I feel the worn-in spots another body has made and feel connected to this mystery person.  The smells of their life still linger and become combined with mine as I wear something they once loved.  Vintage clothing allows me to become a new person and link me to humanity.

When I try to shop for new clothes I pass through store after store of boring, lifeless collections that seem the same as the ones from years before.  Used items come with way more personality than something new ever could.  When I find a dress or pair of boots that I know has been loved I’m glad that I have the chance to love it too.  These items remind me that clothing is more than just something to cover your body; it should express, and can even change, how you feel.  When putting on my big comfy sweater to veg out with friends or my lipstick red stilettos to pick me up when I’m feeling down, I feel comfort in the fact that someone before me has done this too.”

Why do you wear vintage? We’d love to hear your comments!


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