Classy Closet


When I landed the internship here at Avant Gaudy in late April, I could not be any more excited—or more nervous! I was thrilled that I was going to have the chance to help a business incorporate social media into their marketing strategies. As geeky as it sounds, I love learning about all things having to do with social networking. I’m good at it and I felt comfortable with it. Fashion, on the other hand, was something that I did not feel so confident about. Don’t get me wrong, I think (hope?) that I have a good sense of style, but I am by no means what you would refer to as a “fashionista.” Still, I’ve always been intrigued by fashion, and when I accepted the position, I was determined to jump right into it with an open mind and learn as much about the industry as possible.

The next few months, I paid a little bit more attention to all things fashion. I checked out a few fashion communities, blogs, etc. I found a lot of cool stuff, but by far, my favorite thing was an article that I found in an article featured in the Chicago Tribune the day before the internship started (how convenient!)

The article was about a fashion show for Classy Closet, the product of entrepreneur Emanuel Wilder. Classy Closet is located in Evanston, IL and sells secondhand designer clothing at very affordable prices. I read the article and immediately noticed the similarities between Classy Closet and Avant Gaudy. Of course, we’re not exactly the same; Classy Closet specializes is designer clothing, while Avant Gaudy focuses on vintage clothing. Still, it was very cool to see that another company with similar ideas—finding fashion treasures in unlikely places.

Classy Closet Fashion Show

Model walks the runway during the Classy Closet fashion show (Source:


One Response to “Classy Closet”

  1. dapper kid Says:

    Classy Closet sounds so amazing. I have a deep interest in fashion, however the labels whose collections I may appreciate and take inspiration from are rarely ones I can afford. Then again, I have always been drawn to the concept of second hand/vintage, simply because of the chance that what I wear will truly be unique rather than what anyone can buy in the stores.

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